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Sukavach Containers LLP GRP Sandwich Floor with MS/Stainless Steel profiles for the base peripheral members. The Base bottom skin is 2 mm (min) thick GRP joint less sheets and top skin with Marine grade plywood. The base structure is made out of Rolled Hollow sections for both transverse and longitudinal members. All other container structurals are of MS press formed section, shot blasted and primer coated to protect from rust and corrosion. The side panels are made out of MS press formed and shot blasted sections fully welded construction. Alternatively interlocking type Aluminium extruded flat sections (Water proof interlocking design) are also used for side panels. Container Roof with MS press formed sections, shot blasted and painted and additionally coated with 3mm FRP laminate.


  • Aluminium Steel Composite PUF Insulated Refrigerated Container Body
  • Last Mile Distribution
    Refrigerated & Insulated Containers


  • GRP Sandwich Panel Insulated Container Body
  • PUF Insulated Container Body For Chilled Products


  • Mobile Field Service Workshop
  • Multi-Temp Refrigerated Container Body
  • All Steel Dry Cargo Container Body